Bugs, Daffy, Lola & Porky get stuck in a TV Show called FruityTales with the shows hosts Rob the Apple & Harry the Banana. The talking fruits try to teach the toons by telling the Bible story of Essau & Jacob with Perry as Jaccob along w/ other fruits. Daffy & Porky thinks its funny but Bugs & Lola don't & they deside to make up their own story to tell the fruits. The story was about fruits getting aten up by a giantess Lola & a monstorus Bugs. They think its terrible & they try to protrade violence on the toons. Daffy tries a way to calm them down, but Harry (dressed as his super ego HarryMan) ninja fights Daffy & sends him to a hospital. Porky then is scared of the fruits & run away. The fruits then tell Bugs & Lola about the story of adam & eve (with Perry & a female strawberry as adam & eve) & they learn why sin is in the world. Rob & Perry then talk with the rabbits about what they learnded today & get a saying from their computer Microhard "Don't judge a book by its cover". Bugs & Lola then thank Rob & Harry for teaching them & walk off

Merrie Melody

Ballroom Blitz

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FruityTales is a parody of VeggieTales. Rob is a parody of Bob the Tomato & Harry is a parody of Larry the Cucumber & HarryMan is a parody of LarryBoy. The FruityTales Opening & closeing sons are also parodies of the opening & closing VeggieTales songs. Also Rob & Perry rhyme with Bob and Larry.

Marvin & Yosimate make a cameo in the Esau & Jacob skit & Tweety appered with Adam & Eve.

This is the 1st Looney Tunes series to teach Bible stories.