Nellie Runner
The Bird Races
Road Runner (boyfriend)
Voiced by
Kristen Wiig
Nellie Runner is a lovely pink female roadrunner who appered in The Bird Races as one of the roadrunners who appered at the race then later was Road Runner's girlfriend. When Wile E. Coyote catches Road Runner in the episode she turns away from the finish line & rescues Road by ninja kicking Wiley & she & Road Runner fall in love. She "Meeps" in a high pitched voice due to the fact that she is female. Nellie made another appearance in Astro-Coyote, in which she made a cameo at the ending sequence, when Road Runner returns to the earth, she welcomes him with a kiss. Nellie also appered in The Looney Tunes Show Christmas Specail with Road Runner at the Christmas party.